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Art for everyone - new ArtLoan initiative

I have recently been part of a new ArtLoan initiative which launched on 22nd June 2018.

The idea of starting an Art Loan initiative is simple, people who are members of Sprout Arts - a small community arts hub in Furzedown, South London - will be able to borrow an original work of art for three months and pay nothing, the artwork would then be available to someone else.

The hope is that people who have never had original artwork in their homes will realise how wonderful it is and go on to become art enthusiasts and encourage their friends and neighbours too. Lending sessions take place quarterly at various local venues and will allow members to borrow one artwork for three months, free of charge. A selection of the artwork is also currently display at Interior Design specialists EA Wates.

The first event has been very successful with 17 artists taking part and almost 30 pieces of art loaned out with many new people joining Sprout Arts and local companies supporting them.

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