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innocent tastes good..does good

Creative Review ad of the week is for Innocent Smoothies' Chain of Good (by agency 101) and what really works so well is that it's not preachy or self righteous - just tells what they've been doing for a long time without boasting about it - and giving 10% of their profits (£5.4 million) is something to boast about!

It is like the Rainforest Alliance 'Follow the frog' ad but a lot less indulgent.

"The process of working on the campaign was unusual, with 101 working in close collaboration with Director Max Joseph, his production company Hungry Man, and Innocent's in-house creative team from the start. Alongside two TV spots, the campaign includes outdoor, digital and experiential activity, and the intention is to continue the 'Chain of Good' branding into future campaigns.

"The theory is that the chain of good doesn't necessarily just have to apply to good deeds, it can apply to good taste," says Flintham. "It doesn't necessarily have to finish with an ethical thought; the idea that drinking that does this to your tummy is its own little chain."

I'll be looking forward to the rest of the campaign - it all helps people understand we can be part of changing things for the better much easier than they'd think - especially as I do like Innocent drinks and look forward to their weekly emails (how many brands can you say that about?)

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