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Making a Crafty point

Taking the message onto the streets - sometimes it's the medium that matters, not the size, or the spend.

In this case a knitted banner was put up on Monday morning in Tooting Broadway; it is only about 3 feet long but must have taken a lot of effort to knit, it is protesting against the worrying spread of betting shops opening on our highstreets - permission has just been granted to a shop a few feet away, despite there being another 23 betting shops in Tooting.

Something unusual like this should attract attention on social media, while I watched at least 2 people were risking life & limb taking photos (it's placed in the middle of a traffic island). It will be interesting to see how much exposure it gets!

It should certainly get a few knitty puns...

Power to the needle

Citizan Knit

Craft warfare

Making a needle-point

- Update - cardboard sign added underneath 'TOOTING SAYS NO TO POLITICISED KNITTING' both have been featured by local press; Yarnbombers,

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