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If you build it...

What's not to love about this idea... build a Lego bus stop outside the world's biggest toy shop!

Who couldn't resist tweeting and sharing a photo here!

As reported in London Metro, on Monday 20 June, it's a great example of a social and ambient promotion - fun, memorable, shows off the product to it's best and gives Transport For London a great positive image - it took 2 weeks to build, is made out of 100,000 bricks and probably took a very persusaive marketeer to persuade TFL it was safe and practical to do!

Of course it's really only a one-off for a special occasion - celebrating 200 years of London buses to compliment a convoy of 50 historic buses on Regent Street on Sunday 28 June - but it's a great bit of advertising.

Could it have been extended? Could Liberties have done a bus stop made out of material? or from tea services outside Fortnums or made out of soap boxes at Speaker's Corner? and what about an edible M&Ms bus stop!

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